Steam & Smoke Hannover 2020, 13 - 15 March

Steam & Smoke Hannover 2020, 13 - 15 March
Press Release

2020 launch of new trade fair "Steam & Smoke" in Hannover for the shisha and e-cigarette segment

Platform for a growing market invites suppliers and users from 13 – 15 March 2020.


Hannover, Germany. The trend is undeniable and ubiquitous: last year German consumers bought more than 20 million packs of so-called next-generation products, including e-cigarettes, e-liquids and tobacco sticks. As revealed by a recent study carried out by the data analysis company Nielsen, this clearly exceeds sales of past years. In 2018, turnover amounted to approx. 140 million euros, which represents a three-fold increase compared to the previous year. There is a similar boom in shisha smoking or water pipe consumption. Deutsche Messe is putting its outstanding market expertise and leading position as an organizer of international trade fairs and exhibitions behind the launch of Steam & Smoke next year. It will be the first major trade fair dedicated to this sector in northern Germany.

As a specialist sales fair for the shisha and e-cigarette markets Steam & Smoke will focus on liquids, accessories, atomisers, tobacco, shisha products and charcoal. From 13-15 March 2020 it will transform the Hannover Exhibition Grounds into a meeting-point for producers, the retail trade, experts in the business and end consumers. Steam & Smoke in Hannover will showcase the whole world of innovative smoking and vaping products in an array that is unprecedented in North Germany in terms of scope and diversity.

Steam and Smoke town Hannover

"We are pleased to be able to extend our trade fair portfolio with the addition of Steam & Smoke in Hannover, an event designed to cater for the fast-growing shisha and e-cigarette market", says Christoph Schöllhammer, spokesperson for Deutsche Messe and the initiator and project director of Steam & Smoke, who is especially interested in prospects in Northern Germany. As he explains: "The Hannover location has the advantage of being at the heart of a region where many companies in this sector are based. They will undoubtedly welcome an event that showcases their products and services, practically on their doorstep. As an experienced trade show organizer and operator with a first-class venue and excellent infrastructure Deutsche Messe AG is able and pleased to fulfil the desire for an independent event for this sector in the form of Steam & Smoke."

For Shisha aficionados and e-cigarette connoisseurs

The imaginative concept for showcasing exclusive aromas and trendy accessories at Steam & Smoke will make it a place where trends are set among shisha aficionados and connoisseurs of e-cigarettes. It is possible to test and try out the vaping and smoking products during the event itself, although consumption is, of course, subject to the minimum age requirement of 18 years. The first day of the trade fair is dedicated solely to professional visitors, then as of 14 March, the weekend, end consumers will also be welcome to attend Steam & Smoke Hannover. They will not only be able to encounter different products in diverse ways – they will also be able to acquire them directly at the trade fair. Thus, Deutsche Messe will provide the exhibitors at Steam & Smoke with the opportunity to take part in a lifestyle event, as well as showcase their products. The character of this event will become evident when visitors find themselves being encouraged not only to look, but also to touch, try out and take products home with them!

Diverse program

Steam & Smoke will benefit from the ideal conditions afforded by Hannover’s trade fair infrastructure in order to offer an original and effective exhibition with a clever concept for special display areas. In addition, there will be an entertaining evening event where manufacturers, importers and exporters, as well as some of the big market players, can get together in a relaxed setting and chat about their experiences of the market. The program will be rounded off by an award presentation. For further information about the Steam & Smoke show, visit .


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